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The following  terms and conditions apply to the heavily discounted Assisted Conception Program you are about to undergo at DIFF Hospital, Abuja using the SALT Foundation’s platform.

  • Payment of a full non-refundable Registration fee and non-refundable fertility investigation fee attached to the particular “Window” of treatment. Ordinarily, a labeled “Window” of treatment entitles an enrollee to three cycles of Assisted Reproductive Treatment program.

  • The SALT IVF package is a bundled package, as such, registration fee, cost of investigation and three cycles of IVF must be paid in full by all enrollees whether or not they had started a program in any hospital or even at DIFF Hospital.

  • All clients on the Echoes of Mercy Program are expected to pay N 2,400,000 for two cycles of IVF. This is inclusive of registration, comprehensive fertility investigations.

  • All clients on the Whispers of Love Program are expected to pay N 3,100,000 for three cycles of IVF. This is inclusive of registration, comprehensive fertility investigation.

  • The full cost of treatment attached to the particular “Window” of treatment must be paid before the client commences any form of treatment. Of this amount, the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira is non-refundable once a Mock Embryo Transfer is done.

  • For every payment made into the account detailed below, send a payment receipt or a screen shot of the evidence of payment  to


Zenith Bank

Account Number: 1015339477

  • The treatment program is considered to have been completed either when pregnancy is achieved or when two or three cycles of treatment is executed whether pregnancy is achieved or not. SALT Foundation is not under any obligation to continue to run the discounted IVF cycles after the third failed attempt or loss of a pregnancy after eight weeks gestation. Subsequent treatments will be paid for at DIFF Hospital’s rate or when SALT Foundation opens another “Window” of discounted program.

  • Pregnancy is considered to have been achieved when a pregnancy test is positive plus the detection of a gestational sac within the uterine cavity at the sixth week of gestation(i.e two weeks after a positive urinary or blood pregnancy test) and confirmed sustained presence of the gestational sac at eight weeks gestation(i.e four weeks after a positive urinary or blood pregnancy test). The gestational sac must contain a fetal pole with good cardiac activity. Loss of pregnancy after the eighth week entails that the client will have to register for the subsisting and available “Window” of treatment if further treatment is desired. There will be no refund of any kind once a treatment is successful irrespective of the number of unused attempts left.

  • A “Window” of treatment must be undertaken as a two or three consecutive treatment cycle unless the IVF Team decide otherwise. The gap between one treatment program and another will be a maximum of thirteen weeks. Accordingly, a “Window” of treatment is deemed to have expired if an enrollee decides to take a break for any reason other than a medical reason prescribed or adviced by the IVF Team and approved by the Head of SALT Foundation.

  • After registration, further communication between an enrollee and a SALT Foundation official or the IVF Team should be through an objective and reproducible means of text messaging or emails. All members of the IVF Team and SALT Foundation Officers are barred from using telephone or other verbal means to communicate treatment options or any form of update on a client’s program.

  • Interaction with the Chief Medical Director of DIFF Hospital or his designated representative will be only for review of fertility investigation results. Any other consultation will attract the subsisting consultation fee for DIFF Hospital, Abuja. If necessary, another free consultation will be arranged in the event of a failed second attempt at IVF.

  • At Embryo Transfer, each client is entitled to a maximum of four embryos. Irrespective of the number of embryos transferred, there is no guarantee of multiple pregnancy.

  • The IVF induced pregnancy success rate at DIFF Hospital, Abuja even after three consecutive attempts is a maximum of 71%.

  • All SALT Enrollees are expected to attend a formal interactive session with the IVF Team. This interactive session is an educational forum packaged to exhaustively disseminate information on the process and vagaries of an Assisted Conception Program. Failure to attend an interactive session means that the client accepts to completely educate him or herself on the processes, success rates, variables that determine success and possible complications of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

  • No two programs are the same. The practice whereby two clients compare notes of treatment is discouraged as it breaches patient’s confidentiality and undermines patient’s success.

  • Cancelled cycles because of recurrent fluid accumulation within a client’s uterine cavity will attract an additional fee of Two Hundred Thousand Naira per cancelled cycle.

  • Once a client has delivered a child carried upto 28 weeks gestation using the SALT Foundation’s platform, such a person cannot use the platform for a second time.

  • Par adventure pregnancy test is done in any facility other than DIFF Hospital; it is incumbent on the client to convey the result within 48 hours to a member of the client’s IVF Team or send an email to SALT Foundation. Failure to do this will exclude you from further use of the Foundation’s IVF program.


The underlisted processes, procedures and clinical activities will attract additional costs or outrightly exclude an individual or couple from using the SALT Foundation’s program.

  • The use of Antagonist protocol for Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation (COH).

  • Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA).

  • Surrogacy.

  • Gamete or Embryo Freezing.

  • Gender Selection.

  • PreGenetic Screening (PGS).

  • All forms of surgical procedures.

  • All medications other than those used specifically for the procedure adapted to your program.


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